the power of transformed people in Christ


True intimacy with God fosters sincere integrity


PULSE (People Upliftment & Life Skills Education) is the latest ministry of the AFM Deo Doxa in Jeffrey’s Bay. PULSE is an interdenominational ministry to fight the immediate distress and poverty. Everybody knows the saying that if you want to help someone who is hungry not to give him a fish but rather a fish rod,  and that's exactly what PULSE believes in. PULSE is a skills development centre in which people are not only taught a basic skill to help him / her to personal upliftment, but also a discipleship course to cultivate love for God and people. When our identity is made known in Christ and we live from this new position, it has intimacy with God as an outcome.


True intimacy with God fosters sincere integrity, which is essential in the upliftment of man.
For more information on the various skills as well as the discipleship programs offered, please contact Willy Wright - 0825757433 - (GET IN TOUCH)
PULSE is in strong association with POPUP, which originated in Pretoria. Check out POPUP's website at: www.popup.co.za